Mutually helping team members achieve both individual and team objectives

Once upon a time, at a construction site, a wall was
being erected. The site was on a mountain and one side had
a deep precipice. Two workers were laying bricks and
cement to make a wall.

The workers were tied with ropes from their waists and
had to stand on the edge of the precipice or hang in the air
with the support of the ropes, to make the wall. As a worker
lifted a brick and tried to place it in position, it slipped and
fell down in the deep precipice. If any brick stayed in its
position, then as soon as cement was applied, it shifted
slightly from its position, and a straight wall could not be
built. Due to their working condition being uncomfortable
and dangerous, individually, they could not make the wall.

Then they decided to help each other and work together.
The first worker laid the brick and held it in place, while the
second worker applied cement. After sometime, they
changed their roles with the second worker holding the brick
in place, while the first worker applied the cement. In this
manner, while helping each other, they safely erected a
straight wall.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani