Student Visa: New Zealand

Student Visa for New Zealand

Student Visa Procedure

Step 1. Apply for Admission. Visit the websites of colleges and universities where you would like to apply. Select one college or university, which you find suitable in terms of course structure, fee, quality, and guidance for international students. Apply to your chosen institution. You will have to submit your previous academic qualifications, along with your IELTS/TOEFL score. Now, you have to wait for an offer letter to come from the institution applied.
Step 2. Undertake the Medical Examination and get the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). After you receive your offer letter, you have to undertake a medical examination done by any doctor approved by the Immigration New Zealand. The list of approved doctors in given in this link:
You also have to get a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from the Regional Passport Office or from the Deputy Commissioner of Police under whose jurisdiction your locality lies.
Step 3. Lodge your Student visa application
Visit the following link and see all the documents required to lodge your visa application:
Step 4. Utilize the Fund Transfer Scheme (FTS)
Students need to deposit the living expense of the months as directed by the Immigration New Zealand in a bank account in New Zealand. Generally, the living expenses of at least 12 months is required to be deposited. The amount deposited is locked by the bank and thereafter the student can withdraw only a certain amount on a monthly basis or on any pre-arranged basis.
Step 5. Receive the AIP, pay the tuition fees, and FTS for living expenses. After you have lodged your visa application to the Immigration New Zealand, they will provide an “Approval in Principle (AIP)” document. At this time, you have to transfer the fund for your living expenses in a New Zealand bank account. You also have to pay the 1st year tuition fees to the institution applied.
Step 6. Wait for the visa outcome. The outcome of your visa application will be notified to you on your email. Generally, the outcome is positive and you can then collect your passport from the New Zealand Embassy.
Step 7. Fly to New Zealand! Bon voyage!

Immigration New Zealand video:

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