Relationships need to be valued today, for tomorrow is uncertain

Once upon a time, a woman was feeling uneasy, as her
restless heart was urging her to visit her mother, who lived in
another town. The following day, she started early in the
morning and her children also accompanied her. When she
reached her mother’s town, it was almost afternoon.

As her mother’s house approached, the children
excitedly ran ahead to meet their grandmother. The old
woman was overjoyed and hugged her grandchildren.
Meanwhile, the daughter arrived and upon seeing her
mother, tears trickled down her face. Her mother was sick
and the winter was cold. It did not seem that she would be
able to survive that winter. Instinctively, they both knew that
this was the last meeting that would ever take place between
themselves. They kept on hugging each other and crying.
After a while, the daughter cooked some food and they all
ate together. The children played outside, while both mother
and daughter talked, hugged, and cried. Hours flew by.

Then evening arrived and the daughter had to leave. The
mother looked at her daughter and grandchildren with a
blank stare. The children hugged their grandmother and
waved goodbye. Tears were pouring from the daughter’s
eyes like unending rivers, for somehow she felt that this was
the last goodbye. The mother was also silently crying and
waved goodbye with her small fragile hand. With a very
heavy heart, the daughter left her mother.

The next day, the daughter received the news that her
mother had expired in the cold, wintry night.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani