Your Step-wise Study Abroad Plan 2019-20

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Study Abroad in 2019-2020: A step-wise plan

2019 Jul-Aug-Sep

– Undertake a broad research, both online and offline, regarding the course and the university where you want to study. Narrow down your research and shortlist at least six universities offering your desired course of study. Search from university lists:
list of universities in Canada
list of universities in Australia
list of universities in New Zealand
list of universities in UK
list of universities in USA

– Start preparing for IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/SAT/OET/GMAT tests, as required by your shortlisted universities.

2019 Oct-Nov

– Finalise your list of Universities to at least two or three universities. Start applying to them for scholarships.

– Take the required study abroad tests (IELTS/TOEFL/GRE/SAT/OET/GMAT).

– Start to ask for LOR (Letter of Recommendation) from as many sources as possible. Begin to prepare your SOP (Statement of Purpose).

2019-2020 Nov-Dec-Jan

– Collect all the application materials to be sent to your selected universities. Application materials like the university application form, your resume, SOP, LOR, Educational Certificates/Transcripts, Financial documents, et cetera.

– Start applying to your selected Universities.

2020 Feb-Mar-Apr

– By now, you should start to receive offer/admission letters from the universities applied.

– Get the necessary Government forms/certificates where you have applied. For example, if you have applied to U.S. universities, then you should get the Form I-20 from the U.S. universities. The Form I-20 should include the student tracking number (SEVIS ID number) and school code.

– Start preparing for your visa interview.

2020 May-Jun-Jul

– Arrange your finances as required by the universities.

– Apply for a visa. Attend your visa interview.

2020 Aug-Sep

– By this time, your university would have granted you the admission and you would have purchased your air ticket.

– Board your flight to your chosen university in your chosen country.

– Good luck!

NOTE:  R. J. English Academy offers 100% free visa consultancy to its students preparing for study abroad tests.


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