Workers can offer guidance for improving the work

Once upon a time, the production was falling behind
schedule and the production manager was worried. He had a
college degree and had implemented several theories to
increase the rate of production, however it had increased
only marginally. He was not able to figure out how to
increase the rate of production at the desired level.

In deep thought, he came out of his home to go to the
factory and while going only a block, his car got a flat tire. As
he was getting late, he left the car and took a cab. He told
the cabbie to take him to the factory in the shortest time

The cabbie drove the cab in such a way, which did not
break the traffic rules, did not cross the speed limits, did not
offend other drivers, did not even once use the horn,
avoided traffic snarls by taking shortcuts, and was successful
in reaching the factory in thirty minutes. To reach the
factory, the production manager took at least an hour in his
own car. Amazed at the driving skills of the cabbie, he asked,
“How did you learn to drive like this?” The cabbie modestly
replied, “This is what I have been doing for twenty years.”

After paying a generous tip to the cabbie, the
production manager approached the workers, who had been
working for a long time at the factory. He asked the workers
how to improve the production rate. They came up with
suggestions and he implemented them. The production rate
improved significantly and the production reached the
desired level.


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