Work works

Once upon a time, a poor boy wanted a bicycle. Since his
poor parents were unable to buy it, the boy decided to earn
the money and buy it himself.

He noticed that in the early hours of the morning,
newspapers came at the railway station, from where the
newspaper vendor distributed them to the retail outlets of
the town. The newspaper vendor had several bicycles, on
which he loaded the newspapers. Boys rode the bicycles and
distributed the newspapers to the several retail outlets.

After noticing this whole procedure, the poor boy
approached the newspaper vendor and offered to work for
him. The newspaper vendor agreed and the boy started to
work. He enjoyed working because now, he could ride a
bicycle and also earn money. Few months passed and he had
earned enough money to buy a used bicycle. He bought a
used bicycle, repaired it and made it almost new. Then, he
employed another boy and made him distribute newspapers
on his bicycle. Within a year, the boy had nine bicycles and
nine employees. The newspaper vendor was amazed at the
business acumen of the boy and thus, he started giving the
boy more and more responsibilities. After three years, the
newspaper vendor made the boy his partner.

As time passed, the boy observed that running a
newspaper was more profitable than distributing them. He
pooled the savings of the newspaper vendor and all of his
friends, colleagues, and his well-wishers. With the pooled
capital, he started a small newspaper of his own. Researching
other newspapers and employing best practices, he
constantly improved his own newspaper. With the grace of
God and the hard work of the boy, the newspaper started to
sell profitably. With time, the newspaper flourished and the
boy grew up to be well known, respected, and a wealthy

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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