Those benefiting from the status quo, resist change

Once upon a time, in spite of increased sales, a company
was posting losses. The Chairman was puzzled and so he
hired a consultant. The consultant talked with the
administrative managers, the floor managers, the supervisors,
and the workers. He found that some months ago, the HR
manager of the company had been fired, as the HR manager
had suggested some duty changes of guards at the factory.

Subsequently, he found that the specific change
suggested by the HR manager, involved rotating security
guards on a shift-wise basis at the factory. However, the
President had himself rejected the changes. The consultant
decided to investigate and that night, he parked his car at a
distance from the factory gates. He sat in his car and during
the early hours of the morning, he saw a truck enter the
factory gates and after sometime leave. The next day, the
consultant scrutinized the logistics register. He found that no
truck was supposed to come at the factory at that time. Now,
the consultant concluded that the guards were smuggling out
goods from the factory.

The consultant pondered that in order for the company
to post losses, this illegal activity of the guards, had to go on
unnoticed for quite some time. He thought without the
collusion of other employees, it would not have been
possible, as the shortage in the goods would have been
immediately caught. Probing still further, he found out that
the factory manager, a floor manager, few workers, and few
administrative managers were also involved.

Finally, the consultant prepared his report and was going
to submit it to the President, when he reflected that the
President had himself rejected the shift-changes of the
guards. So, he submitted his report to the Chairman. Later, it
was found that the President was also involved, in the crime
of smuggling the goods out from the factory.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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