The quality of the product is inseparable from the quality of its parts

Once upon a time, a little wave was cruising on the
ocean and enjoying itself. Then as it slowly approached the
shore, it saw the waves in front of him were crashing on the
rocks. Seeing such an end, the wave became depressed.

Another wave noticed that the first wave was depressed
and asked him, “Why have you become so slack?”

The first wave replied, “Look ahead, I am going to crash.
I will no longer be a wave.”

The second wave said, “But you are not a wave, you are
the ocean.”

The first wave asked, “How is that?”

The second wave replied, “Collecting some of its water,
the ocean becomes a wave. Then the wave crashes and again
becomes the ocean. You were the ocean earlier and after
crashing also, you will remain the ocean.”

The first wave said, “But crashing is so sorrowful.”

The second wave replied, “Only if you think you are a
wave and forget that you are the ocean.”

The first wave understood and without sorrow, crashed
on the rocks.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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