Strategy is influenced by circumstances

Once upon a time, a man was driving his sports car. At a
bus stop, he saw a beautiful young woman and his best
friend, attending a sick old woman.

Since only one seat was vacant in his two-seater sports
car, he was in a dilemma as to whom to give a lift. Quickly,
he formulated a strategy, stopped his car, got down, went up
to his best friend, gave him the keys of his car and requested
him to take the old lady to a doctor, while he stayed with the
beautiful young woman.

His best friend helped the old woman sit inside the car
and as he was going to sit on the driver’s seat, the old
woman said that her daughter also had to accompany her.
The beautiful young woman was the daughter of the old
woman and so, the best friend gave the keys of the car to the
beautiful young woman. With her mother beside her, the
beautiful young woman drove the car, while the man and his
best friend, waited at the bus stop for them to return.

The car had hardly gone a few paces, when it sputtered
and stopped. The man and his best friend rushed towards
the car, and found that the beautiful young woman was
inexperienced to drive a sports car. So the man sat in the
driver’s seat, the beautiful young woman sat on the other
seat and made her mother sit on her lap, while the man’s
best friend waited at the bus stop.

As the man was going to start the car, the old woman
became so sick that she fainted. The beautiful young woman
became hysterical, and could not hold her mother on her lap.
So, the best friend sat on the other seat, holding the fainted
body of the old woman on his lap, while the man sat on the
driver’s seat with the beautiful young woman on his lap.

Before anything more could happen, which would make
the beautiful young woman get down from his lap, the man
started his car and raced to a doctor’s chamber.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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