Sometimes a problem itself offers its own solution

Once upon a time, a monk along with his disciples were
journeying on a mountain. The road was narrow and due to
an avalanche, several boulders of various shapes and sizes,
were present on the road. They walked around the boulders
and proceeded along. Then they came across a massive
boulder that blocked the road, almost completely.

After thinking for a while, the monk thought of
climbing the boulder and thus, reach the other side of the
road. But they had no ropes or climbing gear. Then, the
monk studied the surface of the boulder, and thought of
taking advantage of the uneven contours of the boulder. At
depressions in the rock, he placed his toe and at risings in
the rock, he placed his fingers. Then he lifted himself up,
slowly. He repeated this utilizing several depressions and
risings, and finally reached the top of the big boulder.

As he had climbed, using his bare hands and feet,
similarly, he got down the boulder, again by taking advantage
of several depressions and risings. The disciples followed the
monk and all of them safely reached the other side.

Then the monk said, “A problem is like this boulder.
By studying the different aspects of the boulder, we were
able to notice depressions and risings on its surface. This
offered us a solution. Sometimes, problems can offer their
own solutions.”

Thereafter, the monk and the disciples proceeded on
their journey.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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