Some team members act as adhesives to unite the team

Once upon a time, the management of a football team
noticed that the team, although comprised of the best
players, did not perform as expected. The management
instructed the team manager to make changes in the team.
The team manager asked the coach to suggest some names
of players, which could be inducted in the team.

The coach researched several teams and found that a
particular player was an average player, but whenever he
played any match, the team performed well and they always
won. The coach suggested the manager to bring in that
player into his team. The team manager forwarded the
suggestion of the coach to the management.

The management refused the suggestion of the coach, as
the player was an average player. However, the coach
insisted and the management finally conceded. The average
player was brought in and as the coach had thought, the
overall performance of the team improved. The average
player was instrumental in making the team perform above

What actually happened was that the average player was
a very good communicator and essentially a very good
person, although his playing skills were average. Due to his
goodness and communication skills, he was successful in
creating a strong bonding between the team members.
Whenever he played, all the team members played along with
him as a united team, rather than as individual players. This
unity, resulted in the overall performance being raised and
the team won, almost every match.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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