Some problems are imaginary and not real

Once upon a time, the employees hardly talked and
remained silent almost throughout the day, working
diligently at their tasks. This silence improved their
performance, but the management was worried that the
silence may signify a communication problem, which may
affect the overall health of the employees and in turn, the
health of the company, as the employees were the assets of
the company. Hence, the service of a consultant was sought
to address the problem.

Arriving at the company, the consultant devised a
training program that would make the employees talk. In the
first session, he held up a picture of a rose and asked the
employees, “Tell me what this picture is about.” The
employees looked at the picture and remained silent. Then,
with a paternal air, he told the employees, “Well, it seems
like a red flower, does it not?” The employees remained
silent. With irritation, the consultant thereafter said, “Just tell
me whatever that comes in your mind.”

An employee hesitatingly said, “Is it Rosa pimpinellifolia?”

Another employee warily said, “I think it is Rosa stellata or
perhaps Rosa rugosa.”

Another employee joined the debate and said, “It looks
like Rosa roxburghii.”

Another employee opined, “Seems like Rosa minutifolia.”

Then the employees calmly debated amongst themselves
regarding the color, texture, number of petals, length of the
stem and type of thorns. After few minutes of debate, they
mutually agreed that the picture of the flower as shown, was
of the rose flower and particularly of the species known as
Rosa rugosa. Thereafter, once again they remained silent. Then
they turned their attention to the consultant waiting for an

Now the consultant remained silent as he did not know
the answer.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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