Some leaders lead from the front

Once upon a time, a CEO along with his top executives,
was traveling in a car, to attend a conference. On the way,
the car got a flat tire. Everybody got down. Some executives
began to stretch their limbs, while some began to phone the
drivers of the other cars of the company, to come at the

After sometime, the executives noticed that the CEO
with rolled-up sleeves, was helping the driver change the tire.
They immediately came to lend a helping hand, but the task
was finished.

To wipe the hands, the driver hesitatingly offered his
handkerchief to the CEO. The CEO accepted it and
graciously offered his own handkerchief to the driver. The
driver was so happy that he did not wipe his hands with it,
instead he framed the CEO’s handkerchief and hung it on
the wall as a memento.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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