Sensible motivation is always effective

Once upon a time, a three-year old girl dropped a plastic
bottle of milk, while carrying it. The milk got spilled on the
floor. The mother saw this and said, “Well, as they say, there
is no use crying over spilt milk, so why not play in it for a

The girl happily played in the milk and then the mother
said, “We have to clean up the floor now. I can use the cloth
while you can use the sponge.” The girl and the mother,
together cleaned up the floor, as if it was a game.

Then the mother gave her an empty plastic bottle and
said, “Try to hold this without dropping it.” The girl tried to
hold the bottle at the base and it dropped from her little
hands. Then she tried to hold it at the center and again the
bottle dropped. Then she tried to hold it at the mouth and
she was able to hold it.

Then the mother gave her a bottle filled with milk and
said, “Try to hold this.” With both her hands, the girl held
the bottle at the mouth and was able to hold it without
dropping it. The mother clapped.

The girl asked, “I won?” The mother laughed and said,
“Yes my dear, only after you have your bath and drink your

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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