Relationships are built on trust

Once upon a time, two friends were always ready to help
each other. They enrolled in the army and were sent to the
front to fight in a battle.

As they were fighting, one friend was hit by an enemy
bullet. The other friend saw his friend fall and ran to save
him. The enemy were firing bullets from everywhere, and it
was not possible to move an inch. However, the friend ran
and due to constant enemy gunfire, a bullet pierced his thigh.
He stumbled and fell, yet he got up again and ran towards
his fallen friend.

Quickly, he picked up his friend on his shoulder and
limped back towards the trench, as fast as he could. The
other soldiers from the trench saw him coming back, and
gave covering fire to the enemy. As he was about to reach
the trench, an enemy bullet pierced his back. He was hit in
the thigh and the back, yet with supreme effort, he jumped
inside the trench, along with his wounded friend on his

In the trench, before dying, his wounded friend faintly
smiled at him and said, “I was certain you would help.”
Shortly thereafter, while holding the dead body of his friend,
he also succumbed to his fatal injuries.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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