Quality products and personalized attention secures retail customers

Once upon a time, a consultant visited a retail store that
was very successful, to observe first-hand, as to which
strategy they employed to secure business. At the store, he
was greeted by a dignified old man who asked what he was
looking for. The consultant replied that he was just looking
around and if anything caught his fancy, he would buy it.
The old man courteously told the consultant to look at all
the products that were on display.

While the consultant was examining the displayed
products, he observed that whenever a customer came in,
the old man personally welcomed the customer. Then he
talked with the customer and found out what the customer
was looking for. Thereafter, he escorted the customer to the
concerned department and instructed a salesperson to attend
the customer. After sometime, the old man again visited the
customer and inquired whether the requirement was
fulfilled. Sometimes, the old man would escort the customer
to another department. The old man behaved in a likewise
manner with each customer. The consultant noticed that
almost every customer who entered the store, invariably
bought some product.

Then the old man approached the consultant and
personally showed the products, which were of a high quality.
The consultant marveled at the selling ability of the
old man and bought few products. The consultant concluded
that selling high-quality products along with offering high quality
attention to the customers, was the best strategy for
securing customers in the retail segment.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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