Over time, repetition brings perfection, which brings success

Once upon a time, a man had a car accident and he lost
his right arm. One day, he met a judo master who asked him
to learn judo. The man enrolled for the classes of the judo
master. The judo master taught him a move, which used his
legs, body and his left arm. Teaching that move to the man,
the judo master asked him to go on practicing it.

Four months passed and the man went on repeating the
same move again and again. Tired of practicing only one
move, he asked the master, “Should I not learn any other
move?” The master replied, “This move is the only move
you need to learn.” The man had faith in the master and so
he went on practicing it. He repeated the same move over
and over again, more than a hundred times every day. A year
passed, then two, then three. Now, the judo master asked the
man to take part in a competition. The man said that he had
only one arm, but the master insisted, and so the man
participated in the competition.

In the competition, the man easily won all preliminary
matches and entered the finals, where his opponent was
stronger, bigger and more experienced. The final match
started and the man was getting beaten. After some time, the
referee being concerned that the man might get hurt, was
about to stop the match, when the man found an opening in
his opponent’s defense, and he used the only move that he
knew. The opponent was defeated and the man won the

On the way back home, the man asked the master, “How
could I win all the matches with only one move?”

The master replied, “Because firstly, you have perfected
the move and secondly, the only defense for this move is to
grab your right arm, which you don’t have.”

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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