Motivation overcomes self-limitations

Once upon a time, a mother elephant had freed herself
by pulling the stake off the ground. This is highly
uncommon, as it is known that the legs of grown up
elephants, are bound by chains or ropes and tied to small
stakes fixed on the ground, which they never pull. This
characteristic of elephants is surprising, as with their
strength, they can easily pull a small stake. However, they do
not pull and their legs remain tied with ropes or chains,
tethered to small stakes.

Elephant trainers explain that they train young elephants,
by tying their legs with strong ropes tied to strong stakes.
The young elephant tries its best to pull the stake, but it
cannot. After several futile attempts, it learns that it cannot
pull the stake. When the elephant grows up and possesses
immense strength to uproot trees, yet it does not attempt to
pull at the stake, thinking that it cannot pull it.

Now, it so happened that the baby elephant had lost its
way and was calling for help. The mother elephant heard the
distress call of the baby elephant. This provided the
motivation for the mother elephant to overcome her self-limitation.
The mother elephant started to move in the
direction, from where the distress call was coming. But she
could not go as her legs were tied to the stake. She strongly
tugged at the stake, which easily came off the ground.
Thereafter, the mother elephant rushed to find her baby

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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