Make sure a conflict exists before working to resolve it

Once upon a time, a timid bus conductor saw a tall,
broad and ferocious looking body-builder step on his bus.
The conductor was afraid to ask the fare, however his duty
prompted him to do so and he asked, “Please pay the fare”.

The body-builder replied, “I don’t need to pay!”

The conductor was shocked at the audacity of the
body-builder, but considering his own fragile physique, he
refrained from insisting on the fare.

The body-builder used to board the bus daily and every
day, the conductor did not ask the fare from him. Then the
conductor enrolled for boxing classes and after a month of
dedicated practice, slowly approached the body-builder, and
calmly asked for the fare.

The body-builder replied, “I don’t have to pay”.

While clenching his fists as if to punch the bodybuilder,
the conductor said, “Why don’t you have to pay?”

The body-builder was surprised and replied, “I have a
monthly pass.”

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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