Leaders rule hearts, not people

Once upon a time, while hunting, a king felt extremely
thirsty and spotting a hut nearby, he asked his army
commander to arrange for some water from the hut. The
commander delegated the task to a soldier, who went to the
hut and saw that an old blind man, was sleeping on a cot.

The soldier rudely awoke the blind man and asked for
some water. The blind man replied, “I can give water only to
the king.” With anger, the soldier said, “Give me water
before I chop off your head with my sword.” The blind man
refused. Somehow controlling his anger, the soldier went and
told the commander what had happened.

Then the commander went to the old man and said,
“Blind man, I can spare your life if you give me water.”
Again, the blind man refused. The commander thundered,
“You do not know who is standing in front of you.” Still, the
blind man refused, saying that he can give water only to the
king. The furious commander went to the king and reported
the matter.

Then the king along with the commander and the soldier
went to the hut. The king softly said, “I am sorry for the
rude behavior of my army commander and the soldier. We
are very thirsty. Would you be so kind so as to give us some
water?” The blind man immediately got up and gave the
pitcher of water to the king.

The commander was surprised and he asked the blind
man, “You are blind, then how did you recognize the king?”

The blind man replied, “The needs of people are same,
but the ways of fulfilling those needs, separates one person
from another.”

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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