Leaders groom leaders

Once upon a time, a son wanted to buy a very expensive
new car, but his father had refused. The father was the
owner of a diamond store, which was famous for evaluating
and selling expensive diamonds. The father wanted his son
to become an expert evaluator of diamonds, so that his son
would be able to carry on his business. Hence, the father
asked his son to come to the store frequently and learn about
the business.

One day, in order to buy the expensive car, the son
managed to steal a diamond. To sell the diamond, he showed
the diamond to a diamond merchant. The diamond
merchant failed to evaluate the diamond and thus, could not
purchase it. The diamond merchant asked him to leave the
diamond for proper evaluation, gave a receipt of the same,
and asked him to come the next day.

The next day, the son came to the diamond merchant to
know the evaluation of the diamond. The diamond merchant
gave the evaluation certificate and a letter. The son saw his
father’s signature on the certificate and tears brimmed in his
eyes. Then he opened the letter and read, “Why take one
diamond? The entire store is yours. Come and take it, my

The diamond merchant then handed him a set of keys.
Surprised the son looked at the diamond merchant, who
said, “Your father has bought you a new car. It is parked
outside and these are the keys of your car.” The son asked,
“Did you know who I was?” The diamond merchant smiled
and said, “We are diamond merchants. We know that no
diamond is without a flaw. We must learn to work around
the flaw and bring out the inherent shine of the diamond.
Your father has done this.”

The son thanked the diamond merchant, took his
diamond back, and went to his father in his new car.
Together, both father and son were successful in building a
global business.


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