In order to sell, salespersons have to correctly evaluate and cater to customer choices

Once upon a time, a very beautiful girl went to a store to
buy a dress. The salesgirl noticing the beauty of the girl,
showed her a lovely dress and said, “This dress is just right
for you.” The girl went into the trial room and found the
dress fitted perfectly. Then the salesgirl brought a pair of
shoes and said, “These are appropriate for this dress. Why
not try them?” The girl tried the shoes and looked at herself
in the mirror. She found the shoes went nicely with the
dress. Then the salesgirl said, “We have a purse and a watch
that would match very gracefully with this dress.” The
salesgirl brought a purse and a watch, which the girl tried.
Looking at herself in the mirror, the girl was pleased. Then
the salesgirl said, “A hair clip would nicely hold the hair. You
may also try a new shade of lipstick and an eyeliner.” The girl
tried them. Then the salesgirl said, “As a finishing touch, you
may try the latest perfume.” The girl tried the perfume also
and looked at herself in the mirror.

She was wearing a lovely new dress, new shoes and the
latest perfume. Her hair was done up nicely and held
together with a new clip. On her wrist was a new watch and
her hand was holding a new purse. Her face looked
attractive, with the new lipstick applied on her lips and black
outlined eyes from the new eyeliner. She looked extremely
beautiful. All the other customers were also looking at her, as
if she was a movie star. At the store, she seemed to the
center of attraction. The girl was very happy.

The salesgirl was also very happy, as she had successfully
sold the girl several products. Then, the salesgirl said, “You
look stunning. In case you need any beauty treatments, then
we have a beauty salon on the next floor.” Thereafter as the
girl was leaving, the salesgirl with a smile said, “Thank you
for your visit. Do come again.”

The girl availed the services of the beauty salon also.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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