Improvement combines effectiveness with simplicity

Once upon a time, a king wanted his little daughter to
always step on such a ground, which was nicely carpeted. So,
he carpeted his entire palace, his parks, his roads, and all the
places of his large kingdom.

A wise man passed by the kingdom and was astonished
to see the strange sight. He asked the guards that why was
the entire kingdom carpeted?

The guards replied that the king wanted the little delicate
feet of the princess, to fall only on carpeted ground. The
wise man thought for a while and sought an audience with
the king.

When the wise man was summoned in front of the king,
the wise man said, “There is nothing greater than love, but
surely the princess may go out of the kingdom for
sightseeing. How would your majesty carpet the whole

The king replied, “I have been thinking about this and
have not yet found an answer.”

The wise man replied, “If she wears shoes whose soles
are made of carpet then wherever she would walk, her feet
would only fall on carpet. With carpet-soled shoes the whole
world would become carpeted for her.”

The king thanked the wise man and accordingly made
the princess wear carpet-soled shoes only.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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