Going out of the way for a customer increases sales

Once upon a time, a circus had come to a town and was
putting up its tents in a park. A small girl on crutches and
accompanied by her mother was walking in the park, when a
person dressed as a joker, came in front of the girl and did
some antics. The girl laughed merrily.

Then the joker called his other colleagues, who were
nearby helping to erect the circus tents. They came and
started to entertain the small girl. The trapeze artists did
some acrobatics on the open ground, while the joker
tumbled around in funny ways. Then the ringmaster brought
out an elephant and gave the girl a free ride on it. The
mother cried tears of joy when she saw how happy her little
girl was. The little girl thoroughly enjoyed her time. The
mother profusely thanked all the people of the circus, for
being so kind to her daughter.

After a few days, when the circus opened, it was packed
to capacity. Every day the circus had a full house and due to
public demand, had to extend its duration of stay.

What had happened was that the little girl told all her
friends about her experience. The mother also told
everybody in her circle. The word got around and the circus
got immense word-of-mouth publicity. This resulted in a
packed house the very first day. Since, the overall act of the
circus performers itself was very entertaining, every day all
the tickets to the circus were sold. Further word-of-mouth
publicity took place and this snowballed in increased sales.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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