Even a child can offer ideas for improvement

Once upon a time, a toy manufacturing company was
lagging behind and thus, several experts and consultants
were consulted for appropriate solutions. Subsequently, the
management concluded that marketing was not adequate and
needed improvement. The latest web technologies were
implemented along with a thrust in social networking
websites. An online store was inaugurated. Danglers at each
point-of-sale, banners, hoardings, and advertisements in
newspapers were also given. Yet, the actual sales were far
behind the projected figures. The management could not
understand that in spite of drastic improvements, in both
online and offline marketing, the sales did not improve.

At home, the owner of the company noticed that his
little daughter played with other toys, instead of the toys that
were manufactured by his company. When he asked his
daughter the reason for this, she replied that they break
easily. At that moment, the owner realized that the problem
was in the quality of the toys and not in marketing.

Thereafter, he improved the quality of the toys by
implementing updated toy manufacturing technology,
improved raw materials, and installing latest machines. The
quality of the toys improved and supported by active
marketing, which was already improved, the sales improved

Improved sales naturally pleased him, but it gave him
more pleasure to see that now, his little daughter also played
with the toys manufactured by his company.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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