Entrepreneurs utilize even a negative change positively

Once upon a time, a man starting humbly, had worked
his way up. Beginning as a broker, he became a retail
shopkeeper, then a wholesaler, then a dealer, then a
distributor, and finally a manufacturer.

One day, a fire broke in his factory and the man from a
distance, watched the work of his entire life go up in flames.
There was no harm to the workforce, as everybody had
come out. The machines were insured but the buildings were
not, as the concrete walls of the factory were supposed to be
fireproof. The goods were in the process of manufacturing
and were not insured. Some of the raw materials were
insured, while some were not. The total loss was far greater
than the insured amount. However, the man was watching
calmly, as the fire raged.

When the fire subsided, the workers looked at the man,
who in spite of suffering a massive loss, serenely said, “God
is kind to burn all our mistakes. He has given us a second

Thereafter, the man built another factory, taking care not
to repeat the mistakes that he had made earlier. The second
factory was more advanced, in terms of layout, machines and
production capacity. In a short time, he recovered all his

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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