Customer complaints need to be addressed effectively

Once upon a time, an angry customer barged inside the
company office and showing the product to the receptionist,
complained how defective the product was. The receptionist
asked her to wait, while the customer relations executive
came. After some time, the customer relations executive
came and asked the lady what was wrong with the product.
She explained her dissatisfaction and all the defects that she
thought existed with the product. She asked for a

The customer relations executive called the sales
executive, who in turn called the production executive. The
production executive said that since there was a doubt of a
defect in the entire lot, the shop-floor manager had to be
contacted at the factory. So, he phoned the shop-floor
manager, who was at that time away on holiday; however,
the assistant shop-floor manager said that as per the records,
the lot was not defective. The production executive said that
without internal inquiry, replacement cannot be authorized,
hence he requested the customer to come after a week, when
the shop-floor manager would come back and explain, how
the product was defective when the lot was not defective.

The customer argued that since the shopkeeper had
refused to replace the product, she had come to the office.
However, unable to get a replacement, the customer went
away frustrated. She narrated her experience to her friends in
social networking websites. Some of her friends forwarded
the link to online magazines, newspapers and review sites.

Within two days, the company contacted her and sent
her a replacement product. As a damage control exercise, the
company sent her free samples of other products also.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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