Calmness subdues anger

Once upon a time, a man asked a monk, “How can anger be

The monk asked, “How do you subdue a fire?”

The man replied, “By water.”

“Similarly, anger can be subdued by remaining calm,” said
the monk.

“When someone incites and provokes me, then how can I
not get angry and remain calm?” questioned the man.

The monk asked, “Do you visit your relatives?”

“Yes,” replied the man.

“Do they offer you food and shelter of their house to stay?”
asked the monk.

“Yes,” replied the man.

“But if their offer is not accepted by you, then what happens
to their food and shelter?” asked the monk.

“They remain with them,” replied the man.

The monk explained, “Similarly, if you do not accept anger,
then no matter how much anyone provokes you to become
angry, the anger remains with the other person. Having no
anger, you will not get angry and will remain calm.”

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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