Actions undertaken in anger, only result in pain, sorrow, and regret

Once upon a time, a man was hammering nails in the
wall to fix a picture. The wall was hard and hence, some nails
got bent and fell on the floor. The man was busy hammering
and he did not notice his little daughter, who came in the
room, picked up a bent nail from the floor and ran away.
After sometime, the daughter came back excitedly and
joyfully said, “Daddy, look what I wrote on the car.”

The man glanced at his new car and saw that with the
nail, his daughter had scratched the door of the car. He got
angry and slapped his daughter’s hand, which was holding
the nail. But while slapping his daughter’s hand, in his anger,
he forgot that his own hand was holding the heavy hammer.
The hammer fell hard on the little girl’s fingers, which
started bleeding. As the man realized what he had done, he
immediately rushed her to the hospital. The fingers of his
daughter were bandaged and with the grace of God, no
serious injury had taken place.

After due medical attention was received, the man took
his daughter home. As he was about to open the door of the
car, he saw that on the door, his daughter had scratched,
“Daddy, I love you.”

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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