A satisfied customer brings more customers

Once upon a time, a girl complained to her tailor that the
dress was not properly stitched. She was furious and angrily
told the tailor that he had not only ruined the dress, but had
also wasted her money that she had spent to buy the cloth
for the dress.

The tailor decided to cancel the dress and again stitch a
new dress. Although the cloth was expensive, yet the tailor
bought a similar cloth out of his own funds and again
stitched the dress. Now, the second dress was perfect and
the girl was satisfied. Instead of considering the cost of the
second dress as an expense, the tailor accounted it as an
investment, and so he did not charge it from the girl. Initially
the girl did not want to pay for the second dress; however,
later she offered to pay, but the tailor refused to accept.

After a few days, the girl brought two of her friends
along with her and they ordered more dresses to be stitched.
Being a shrewd businessman, the tailor adjusted the cost of
the second dress in subsequent dresses stitched for the girl.
However, due to his decision of satisfying the customer, the
tailor besides retaining the customer, also earned goodwill
and more customers.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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