A competent manager ensures competent performance

Once upon a time, a company was facing a crisis and
several different types of tasks needed to be done urgently.

One enterprising manager completed his task within the
deadline with good accuracy. The management was pleased
and offered him a different task. He completed the second
task also very competently. Again, the management gave him
a different task, and again the manager completed it
efficiently. Soon, the management started giving him
different types of tasks, and the manager completed all of
them admirably.

The other managers became jealous and tried to find out
how the manager was able to complete the varied tasks.
They found that whenever the manager got a new task, he
called his team members and explained them the whole task,
seeking their suggestions on how to complete it. The team
members came up with different ideas and finally a plan was
made. They decided amongst themselves who would do
what and proceeded with it. The result was that there was no
conflict among the team members and since, all of them
were fully involved, from beginning to end, all of them
remained highly motivated.

Observing this, the other jealous managers tried to sow
dissension among the team members; however, the manager
was ever vigilant and prevented his team from breaking up.
During the execution of the task, the manager shielded his
team from the suggestions of the higher management, so
that the focus of the team members was not diverted from
the task at hand. When the task was complete, the manager
always gave credit to the team members.

After some time, the company made a turnaround and
started posting profits. The manager was made a senior
manager and he, in turn, promoted all his team members.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories” by Rajen Jani

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