A clear mind achieves success

Once upon a time, a monk and his disciple saw a lady
wanting to cross a stream. The lady could not cross it as it
would wet her expensive shoes. She asked the monk to help
her. The monk offered to carry the lady on his back and the
lady agreed. Upon reaching the other side, the lady thanked
the monk and went her way. The monk and the disciple
went their way.

This incident troubled the disciple, as he could not
understand that how could the monk carry the lady on his
back, when monks were supposed to stay away from
women. This thought occupied his mind and he had trouble

Noticing that the disciple was not properly meditating,
the monk asked the disciple, “What is troubling your mind?”

The disciple questioned, “Why did you carry the lady on
your back?”

The monk replied, “To help her cross the stream.”

The disciple said, “But we are monks.”

The monk answered, “Yes. We should stay away from
women. I left the lady on the other side of the stream. Why
are you still with her?”

The disciple understood and now as his mind was
cleared, he was able to meditate successfully.


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