79. Jason tames bulls to plow the field of Mars

Once upon a time, Jason, the son of Aeson, wanted the Golden Fleece from King Aeetes of Colchis, who gave him three tasks to complete. Medea, the daughter of Aeetes, fell in love with Jason, who promised to marry her. Medea helped Jason by providing magical herbs.

The first task was to plow the field of Mars, with fierce, untamed, and fire-breathing bulls. Hundreds of Colchians, expectantly stood on the hills, to witness Jason tame the bulls, yoke them, and plow the field. The Minyans were also gathered to see their leader Jason, emerge victorious. Aeetes, dressed in purple and holding his ivory scepter, sat high above on the hill, watching the field where the unruly bulls were roaming freely.

Jason arrived and faced the ferocious animals. The huge brazen-footed bulls, had sharp horns with tips of iron, and through their terrible nostrils, breathed out fire. Their hot sides and heated throats, demonstrated the contained fire within, just like the erupting flames of forges, show the intensity of the fire within.

The bulls turned their brutal faces towards Jason, bent their heads showing iron-tipped horns, pawed the dust of the earth with their brazen cloven feet, and filled the air with fearful bellowing, while the flames coming out of their adamantine nostrils, scorched the grass nearby. Fear gripped the hearts of the Colchians and the Minyans.

Aeetes anticipated Jason to flee, but under the powerful charm of the magic herbs given by Medea, Jason fearlessly walked up to the wild bulls. He stroked their down-hanging dewlaps, placed the yoke on their necks that had never been yoked, and made them pull the heavy plow. The field of Mars, which was never plowed, now felt the plow and was made fit for sowing. The Colchians were spellbound, Aeetes was amazed, but the Minyans cheered their hero, whose courage increased by their victorious shouts. Medea was happy and visualized marrying Jason.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time-II: 150 Greek Mythology Stories” by Rajen Jani

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