4.12 Chanakya Niti

एकाकिना तपो द्वाभ्यां पठनं गायनं त्रिभिः ।
चतुर्भिर्गमनं क्षेत्रं पञ्चभिर्बहुभी रणः ॥४.१२॥

ekākinā tapo dvābhyāṃ paṭhanaṃ gāyanaṃ tribhiḥ |
caturbhirgamanaṃ kṣetraṃ pañcabhirbahubhī raṇaḥ ||4.12||

alone for performing austerities, two for studying, three for singing, four for journey, five for agriculture, and many for war

Excerpt from the book “Old Chanakya Strategy: Aphorisms” by Rajen Jani

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