3.5 Chanakya Niti

एतदर्थे कुलीनानां नृपाः कुर्वन्ति सङ्ग्रहम् ।
आदिमध्यावसानेषु न ते गच्छन्ति विक्रियाम् ॥३.५॥

etadarthe kulīnānāṃ nṛpāḥ kurvanti saṅgraham |
ādimadhyāvasāneṣu na te gaccanti vikriyām ||3.5||

the reason why kings gather around themselves persons of noble lineage, is because such persons do not leave the king in the beginning, middle, or the end

[“beginning, middle, end” of any work that the king wants to accomplish. Alternatively, it may be understood as the king’s initial time of rulership, the time of his rulership, and the decline of his rulership. The implication of this verse is that persons of noble lineage are loyal, and they faithfully remain with the king at all times.]

Excerpt from the book “Old Chanakya Strategy: Aphorisms” by Rajen Jani

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