2.3 Chanakya Niti

यस्य पुत्रो वशीभूतो भार्या छन्दानुगामिनी ।
विभवे यश्च सन्तुष्टस्तस्य स्वर्ग इहैव हि ॥२.३॥

yasya putro vaśībhūto bhāryā chandānugāminī |
vibhave yaśca santuṣṭastasya svarga ihaiva hi ||2.3||

one whose son is obedient, whose wife behaves according to his wishes, and who is content with his prosperity and fame, his heaven is here only

Excerpt from the book “Old Chanakya Strategy: Aphorisms” by Rajen Jani

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