2.11 Chanakya Niti

माता शत्रुः पिता वैरी याभ्यां बाला न पाठिताः ।
सभामध्ये न शोभन्ते हंसमध्ये बको यथा ॥२.११॥

mātā śatruḥ pitā vairī yābhyāṃ bālā na pāṭhitāḥ |
sabhāmadhye na śobhante haṃsamadhye bako yathā ||2.11||

that mother is an enemy and that father is a foe, who do not educate their children; for in the midst of a public assembly, uneducated children are a sore sight, just like cranes in the midst of swans

Excerpt from the book “Old Chanakya Strategy: Aphorisms” by Rajen Jani

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