1.2 Chanakya Niti

अधीत्येदं यथाशास्त्रं नरो जानाति सत्तमः ।
धर्मोपदेशविख्यातं कार्याकार्यं शुभाशुभम् ॥१.२॥

adhītyedaṃ yathāśāstraṃ naro jānāti sattamaḥ |
dharmopadeśavikhyātaṃ kāryākāryaṃ śubhāśubham ||1.2||

upon knowing what is given here as per authoritative texts, he among men will be known as truthful, celebrated as the knower of righteous teachings, work and non-work, auspiciousness and non-auspiciousness

Excerpt from the book “Old Chanakya Strategy: Aphorisms” by Rajen Jani

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