145. Daedalion becomes a hawk

Once upon a time, Daedalion, the son of Lucifer, and brother of King Ceyx of Trachyn, had an extremely beautiful daughter named Chione, who on reaching the marriageable age of fourteen years, burned the hearts of a thousand men wanting desperately to win her hand.

By chance, Phoebus returning from Delphi and Hermes returning from the heights of Cyllene, both saw the lovely Chione at the same time, and both desired to ravish her. Phoebus decided to visit her during the night, but Hermes was unable to control his flaming passion. He touched Chione’s face with his magic wand and entranced Chione into a deep slumber. Hermes satisfied his violent desire. When night came, Phoebus disguised as an old crone, approached Chione and obtained his joy.

With time, Chione gave birth to twin sons, Autolycus and Philammon. Autolycus was crafty and had inherited thievery from his father Hermes. Philammon played the lyre and had inherited music from his father Phoebus.

Chione, as the grandchild of Lucifer, and mother of twins from two gods, considered herself glorious. But glory is often a curse and for Chione, it certainly was, for prejudice injured her days. She boasted that her beauty surpassed Diana’s beauty, and she belittled the charms of Diana. Chione’s bragging tongue, enraged Diana, who bending her bow loosed a swift flying arrow, which pierced Chione’s boastful tongue. The wounded Chione tried to speak, but Diana’s arrow had silenced her tongue forever. Slowly, life left her, along with the flowing blood.

Daedalion heavily mourned the death of his dear daughter, and four times rushed, to jump upon the glowing pyre, but was held back. Then with an astounding speed, he ran towards the summit of mount Parnassus, from where he jumped to his death. But Phoebus took pity on the falling Daedalion and changed him to a hawk, who himself grieving caused grief to all other birds.

Excerpt from the book “Once Upon A Time-II: 150 Greek Mythology Stories” by Rajen Jani

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