Only Three Remedies in Vedic Astrology

The positions of planets with respect to individual houses, with respect to each other, and with respect to specific constellations, create many favourable and unfavourable combinations. One does not worry much for favourable combinations, as they are beneficial. However, unfavourable combinations create hardship and sorrow in a person’s life.

When a person is trying his best but is not getting the desired results, then it is to be known that he is suffering due to an unfavourable combination of the planets; ultimately only a result of his/her own past karmas.

Three remedies to overcome difficulties
Vedic astrology, or more properly Eastern astrology, offers only three kinds of remedies in such situations. They are, namely, Yantra, Mantra and Tantra.

Yantra is possession of helpful devices. Mantra is recitation of divine words. Tantra is awakening of the serpent power. All the three remedies are effective in varying degrees having varying timeframes and varying involvement of the person.

Yantra is most frequently employed in the form of rings with gemstones, plates with diagrams, amulets worn at the arms or at the waist or as a pendant in chains at the neck, statues and figurines of different gods and goddesses, holy water, holy ash, holy books, holy incense, holy lamp, and any other device that an astrologer deems fit to be employed, after consideration of the person’s horoscope. Besides wearing these helpful devices on one’s person or keeping them at specified places, there is no other involvement of the person. This is the easiest remedy and is most popular. This is very safe with no harmful effects. The results fructify over the short-term as well as the long-term.

Mantra are specific divine words that are to be recited in a specified way, for a specified number of times and for a specified duration. The hour of recitation may also be specified as per the requirements of the problem. This remedy is highly effective and produces very quick results. However, the involvement of the person is greater as the person has to undergo the strain of reciting the divine words, which sometimes can be 10,000 times or more. This has no adverse effects and is very safe. However, persons who cannot undergo this strain may employ priests who recite on their behalf, in the form of offering prayers and worships at designated temples. This is also efficacious but less in degree to personal recitation.

Tantra concentrates on the awakening of the serpent power (Kundalini) of the person suffering from the effects of malefic planets. This is a highly complex procedure and all astrologers discourage their clients to perform this remedy. The prime reason being that if not performed correctly, then it has extremely harmful reactions, which may result in profuse sweating, uncontrollable shaking of hands, nervous breakdown, paralysis, insanity, and ultimately even death, of the person performing this remedy. It is strictly to be practised under the supervision of a preceptor (Guru) as this cannot be gained by reading books. The involvement of the person is highest in this remedy. This remedy is extremely dangerous; however, it is believed that this remedy produces instantaneous results.

Which remedy is best?
In this connection, the saying that one man’s medicine is another man’s poison is appropriate. After careful scrutiny of the horoscope, noting the positions of the beneficent and malefic planets, and the salient features of the problem, astrologers may prescribe a Yantra or a Mantra or a combination of both. No astrologer prescribes the Tantra remedy. However, some practitioners of Tantra known as Tantrics, do advertise themselves as having the capabilities to solve others’ problems and thus, many people visit them on their own accord and at their own risk.

In conclusion, it may be said that Yantra and Mantra are the most efficacious remedies that an astrologer can provide to the society. Tantra should be avoided.

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