Raag Marwa: Guru Bin Gyan Na Pave

Raag Marwa,  Teental: Guru Bin Gyan Na Pave

गुरु बिन ज्ञान न पावे
मन मूरख सोच सोच काहे पछ्तावे
सद्गुरु की संगत कर ले रे ज्ञानी
तब गुणीजन में गुणी कहावे

guru bina gyaan na paave
man moorakh soch soch kaahe pachhtaave
sadguru kee sangat kara le re gyaanee
tab guneejan mein gunee kahaave

Some singers sing in drut and some in vilambit. Almost every singer has sung this timeless piece. Some change few words as per their choice like na, naan, nahi. Many videos are not available; however, few are presented below:

Ustad Amir Khan. After concluding Piya Mohe in Marwa, Guru Bina starts at about 2 mins.

Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty

Smt. Shanti Sharma

Ustad Rashid Khan

Pravin Godkhindi

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