Celebrity Professions

Celebrity Professions

Anybody who reaches the top ten in his or her profession is a celebrity, irrespective of the kind of profession that may be. However, there are some professions, which are widely pampered by the media and the public. Persons belonging to these professions become celebrities, big or small, even if they are not in the top ten lists of their respective professions. These professions are hard to get into, harder to maintain, and hardest to leave because they are highly paid and highly talked about. These professions may be termed as ‘Celebrity Professions’. Few such celebrity professions are listed below:

The Movie Industry. This remarkable industry is highly profitable as the saying goes, “No business is like show business”, but since it carries a high amount of risk, it is also known to lead producers to bankruptcy if the movie fails at the box office. Movie production is a celebrity profession. Top celebrities readily give their dates for shooting to a successful movie producer, as the potential of a box office hit is better with a top ranking movie producer. Large production houses were initially started with the enthusiasm and passions of individual movie producers. The movie industry professions can be broadly classified into pre-production, during production, and post-production. The producer and the director of the movie captain all the three functions, with the producer looking after the financial aspect and the director looking after the creative and the technical aspects.

– Pre-production. Here production managers, finance managers, casting managers, logistics managers, story writers, screenplay writers, dialogue writers, storyboard illustrators, music directors, scene designers, set designers, costume designers, sound and light designers, makeup designers, special effect and graphic designers, etc. are celebrities.

– Production. Here actors and actresses are the prime focus with the complete off-screen crew acting as supporting staff, handling functions like camera, lights, sound, etc.,

– Post-production. Here editors, special effects and computer graphic artists display their wizardry.

Persons excelling in their respective tasks immediately become celebrities within the movie industry. However, actors and actresses get the most recognition as they remain in the limelight, and immediately become celebrities regionally or nationally. If a reputed production house makes the movie, then they become international celebrities.

The Television Industry. This works just like the movie industry but on a smaller budget and a smaller screen. The important difference is that some professions that are not generally considered as celebrity professions can be effectively highlighted and persons from those professions can become celebrities. For example, anyone hosting their own TV show can become a celebrity, like chefs, doctors, interviewers, gardeners, hair stylists, etc. Nevertheless, the fame lasts as long as the show is on the air and is restricted to the viewers who view the show.

Politics. This is one area where fame comes naturally as it is extensively covered by the media.

Music Industry. Musicians, singers, band players go on to become national and international icons.

Fashion Industry. Here fashion designers, tailors, cloth merchants, etc., achieve stardom. However, models and supermodels achieve the much sought after celebrity status.

Other professions. Dance, Theater, Writing, Trail Law, Journalism are also considered as celebrity professions.

It should be noted that even a non-profession like doing charity and kindness can make a person a celebrity, like it made Mother Teresa an international celebrity, because all that she offered was kindness and charity to the poor, meek and downtrodden. Hence, any work done honestly and with excellence is sure to give celebrity status, thereby making that work or profession a celebrity profession.


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