Recruitment FAQs

Recruitment FAQs

Recruitment FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) refer to answers provided by recruiters regarding few important questions that job seekers may wish to ask before they consider applying for their chosen jobs. The raison d’être of providing recruitment FAQs by the recruiter is to increase the percentage of obtaining relevant, qualified and genuine applications.

Generally the recruitment FAQs of reputed companies consist of any or all of the following broad heads:

– About the job. Here a brief outline of all the available jobs is listed with links given for specific job openings. The links are detailed with the required qualifications, experience, references, locations, as well as the salary and benefits offered.

– About the application. Whether an application on plain paper, or a covering letter with a resume, or an application kit is required is specified here.

– About the mode of applying. How the company receives the application, is mentioned here. For some positions, an online application serves the purpose; however, for some other positions, applications by post or made in person only may be accepted.

– About feedback of the application. Can the job seekers know the status of their submitted applications or can follow up via emails or telephone calls is specified. Usually companies respond to a job seeker regarding specific queries only that are not covered in their policy on recruitment and employment. All companies give a final feedback, either negative or positive, to all the applications received.

– About the policy on recruitment and employment. Most companies have a detailed policy on recruitment and employment that comprehensively covers subjects like work permits, travels, relocations, uniforms, work ethics, social activities, etc. The job seeker is supposed to read the same before applying.

– About the company. A brief outline of the management and financials of the company along with its mission, vision, and objectives is given to familiarize the job seeker with the background of the company. Here links to the company’s websites are given for further exploration by the job seeker. Mention is also made about the status of the company with respect to being a socially responsible company, how it affects the community, the environment, and its role with respect to other issues such as global warming, energy crisis, pollution, education, health care, etc.

Recruitment FAQs are written in an informative and a casual manner so that they are easy to understand by the job seeker. However, for getting the maximum advantage out of a job opening, the job seeker should thoroughly read and understand the recruitment FAQs and explore all the given links. This facilitates an informed decision making the job seeker realize whether he or she would be a square peg in a round hole or would be an exact fit.


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