Ten Great Benefits Of Bringing Pets In Travel

Ten Great Benefits Of Bringing Pets In Travel

There are countless benefits of bringing pets in travel. Yes, you know pets decrease triglyceride, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels along with minimizing feelings of isolation, depression, and suicidal tendencies. You know that they increase opportunities for outdoor activities, exercise, and socialization as well as encourage laughter, bonding, and playfulness. You also know that they satisfy the human need to touch and be touched besides giving nonjudgmental affection, love, and warmth, which all together can help make your physical and mental health perform at its optimum best. Great! But the benefits of bringing pets in travel far outweighs all the above.

Benefit #1. You will learn how to deal with OCD. As soon as your start packing and make ready for your travel, your pets know that change is in the air. They develop something similar to what humans call as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a kind of mental disorder where actions are compulsive and repetitive. Pets will start moving in circles, lick excessively, start jumping, and be generally fidgety and uncomfortable. You will learn how to continue packing while trying to make your pets settled. However, this behavior of pets slowly diminishes, as they become seasoned travelers.

Benefit #2. You will learn stress management. The important point while traveling with your pets is to ensure that pets are not stressed or uncomfortable. In making your pets unstressed, you will automatically learn all the techniques of stress management since your pets can remain calm and comfortable only if you are calm and comfortable.

Benefit #3. You will learn to listen and love classical music. Strange but true, your pets love classical music. They can differentiate between Beethoven and Chopin much better than you can differentiate between infatuation and love. With classical music playing in the car, your pets will without doubt become calm and collected while traveling.

Benefit #4. You will learn safe driving. You will have to take short breaks during your journey, hydrate and nourish your pets with water and food. You have to drive slowly if any signs of carsickness develop in your pets. If your pets cannot travel in cars, they are unfit to travel in planes, trains, or ships.

Benefit #5. You will learn law. You will learn all the various regulations where your pets are allowed or not allowed, the forms required to fill up, and the importance of taking the vet’s medical certificate that certifies your pets are disease free, well trained, and do/do not need tranquilizers for a long trip. Documents of recent vaccinations help a lot.

Benefit #6. You will learn what the term “alive” means. While traveling, your canine, feline, or feathered ‘family’ will drool more, jump more, and flap more than usual. Be sure to carry your pet’s collar, leash, kennel or cage, as their animal instincts will exponentially manifest giving you enough material to fill your travel memoirs.

Benefit #7. You will learn how to “pet-proof” your hotel room. Begin with informing people that a pet is with you. Hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign (people are forewarned), utilize a carrier or a kennel (pets get a familiar smell, you can put your worn clothes like t-shirts etc.), close windows (pets will jump out), and close the toilet lid (pets drink water from the toilet). Remove live plants (pets eat them), keep the garbage can clean (pets rummage for left-over food or candy wrappers), and keep pet food in the bathroom (there will be less mess as that is the only area perhaps without any carpet). Keep pillows wherever you think is space enough for your pet to go and play hide and seek (this includes any space below your bed or between floors and walls).

Benefit #8. You will learn discipline. Without regulated times of waking, eating, and sleeping, you and your pets will fall sick, develop nausea, vomit, and have diarrhea. You will finally come to know and practice the proper diet and exercise that helps you and your pet during your travels.

Benefit #9. You will learn to become much more civil. It is embarrassing if your pet pees or poops in a public place. You cannot do anything about the pee but as regarding the poop, you can use a grocery bag as a glove, pick up the poop, turn the bag inside out, knot/tie it up, and put/throw/toss it in the nearest garbage can. Other citizens will sincerely applaud your sense of civility and of course, cleanliness.

Benefit #10. You will learn to go on learning. After your first trip with your pets, you will certainly realize that there is not much of a difference between you and your pets, excepting your superior thinking prowess. This realization will certainly make you care and love your pets much more than ever as you go on learning more about them.

A little research before traveling will definitely make your trip along with your pets all the more enjoyable. Below are few links, arranged in alphabetical order, which may help you with your travel research:























Bon Voyage!


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