Top 10 Marketing Mantra

Top 10 Marketing Mantra

Every marketing person knows the following truths, yet every marketing person needs to be constantly reminded of them for survival and growth.

Mantra #1. Start focused.
This means that all the necessary homework has to be done before meeting the client. It is well known that a seasoned warrior sharpens his sword for 6 hours for a battle of 5 minutes.

Mantra #2. Start small. Although approaching the best and largest clients may give large orders, yet getting few smaller orders in the beginning helps getting the large orders later. Hence, smaller setups should be targeted, orders captured, and successfully fulfilled before the larger ones are approached.

Mantra #3. Start local. Try to capture the local market before going outside. A list of potential clients may be obtained from the local yellow pages. Once the home turf is won, then other territories should be approached.

Mantra #4. Start aggressively. Aggressively means covering the complete area. Try to tap all the targets before moving to another area. Keep no stone unturned.

Mantra #5. Start schemes. Try to formulate such attractive schemes via which everyone in the client’s office, right from the purchase manager to the doorman gets some reward. Such schemes need a lot of brainstorming but are confirmed and absolute winners.

Mantra #6. Start networking. Cultivate a network that is closely related to your field of operations, the product you are selling, or simply the hobbies that you share. The more the merrier. Generally, it is noted that what is important is not whom you know, but who knows you.

Mantra #7. Start selling. After the above is in place, you will actually start selling. Keep the tempo going and close sales like a lion without ruining the market by lowering prices or offering massive discounts.

Mantra #8. Start saving. Sincere attempts should be made to increase the reserves so that it can be ploughed back for sustained growth.

Mantra #9. Start scaling. Try considering the appointment of sub-agents, sub-brokers, marketing representatives on commission basis, etc. A multi-level commissioning scheme may also be worked out.

Mantra #10. Start thanking. Yes, it is true. The more you thank others, the more orders you will get. Be liberal with your p’s and q’s.


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