Adobe Photoshop® Elements 4.0 for Windows & Macintosh

Adobe Photoshop® Elements 4.0 for Windows & Macintosh
Everything you need to edit, organize, and show your photos

Adobe Photoshop® Elements 4.0 for Windows & Macintosh is Adobe’s photo-editing software for amateur users, enthusiasts, digital photographers, and persons having an interest in digital photo editing. The Windows version came in September 2005, while the Macintosh version came in March 2006. Photoshop Elements retains the core elements of photo-editing tools found in Adobe Photoshop excluding the professional features. Some of the professional features can be simulated through few tools in Elements like layer masks and quick mask; however, for professionals, the full featured Adobe Photoshop is the answer to their professional demands.

Adobe Photoshop® Elements 4.0 for Windows & Macintosh does not have the following professional features.

* Less tools to work with high-bit (16-bit and 32-bit) images.
* Menus, keyboard shortcuts, and tool presets cannot be customized.
* Cannot create high dynamic range (HDR) images by combining multiple exposures.
* Cannot do batch processing, as no provision for Recording Custom Actions.
* No Channels Palette, no CMYK and LAB color modes.
* Finer adjustments like Match Color, Color Balance, Curves, Selective Color and Channel Mixing cannot be done.
* No ImageReady (rollover, slicing) web features.
* No Editing History Log.
* No Quick Mask mode, Layer Masks, and Layer Comps.
* No Smart Sharpen Filter, Lens Correction Filter and Lens Blur Filter.
* No Smart Guides and Smart Objects.
* No Pen tool, Paths palette, and Vanishing Point Tool.
* No Advanced Text Formatting like Text on a path, no advanced Color Management, and Layer Style manipulation.

Adobe Photoshop® Elements 4.0 for Windows & Macintosh has everything you need to edit, organize, and show your photos. The user interface offers Photo Browser, Quick Fix, and Standard Edit.

* Photo Browser is used to organize your photos with tags.
* Quick Fix helps editing functions like cropping, fixing red eye, sharpen with a before/after view, and lighting & color adjustments. Support for adjustment layers, layer styles, and multiple layers provide flexible editing.
* Standard Edit is used to perform standard editing tasks for correcting and enhancing photos, drawing, painting, selecting, and text.
* Creations is used to show your photos. Creations include photo books, calendars, cards, video CDs, email, Web galleries, and slide shows. There are many new slide show options like advanced transitions, text & audio captions, pan & zoom, and clip art.

New features in this version are:
* Face tagging
* Fix for skin tone
* Magic selection tool
* Magic extractor
* Automatic red eye fix.

Enhanced features in this version are:
* Folder view
* Full screen view
* Collections
* Slide show editor
* Photo mail
* Font menu

The printing options in this version are:
* Online services
* Single prints
* Contact sheets
* Labels
* Picture package

Adobe Photoshop® Elements 4.0 for Windows & Macintosh is not overwhelming to the beginner. The learning curve is also not steep. How-Tos provide a step by step tutorial to enable users to go along the way and automated features like magic selection brush, magic extractor, automatic red eye removal tool, stitching multiple photos for creating panoramas, posting Web photo galleries online, and many other user friendly features are a great help for beginners. This version does not include certain earlier version features like File Browser, Auto Fix Window and Send to TiVo. The removal of the File Browser is compensated with the Organizer that lets you browse folders with unmanaged pictures. The Auto Fix window and the Send to TiVo is simply gone and is not compensated with any other tool. Version 4.0 offers many new features like face tagging, automatic red eye removal, enhanced slide shows, skin tone adjustment, magic selection brush, magic extractor, straighten tool, and other small but significant enhancements making it an extremely useful photo suite that every digital camera owner would pride to possess.

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